Bangalore Little Theatre

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A play by Anna Ziegler

The play is about the race to solve the structure of the DNA and the role of Rosalind Franklin who provided the critical evidence for this. For a long time, she never got the credit and this play highlights her efforts in science at a time when the doors of science were not open for women.

6pm, Wednesday 5th September

at JRD Tata Auditorium
NIAS, IISc Campus, Bengaluru

Entry Free Limited Seats

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A little bit about us

At 58, Bangalore Little Theatre or BLT is Bangalore’s oldest English language theatre group. Old-timers of BLT have often been asked the secret of the group’s long life when, in contrast, one sees hundreds of cases of groups starting with a bang and dropping by the wayside in a couple of years. The difference, it seems, is in the simple fact that BLT is a membership organisation and, therefore, a genuine group.

Get Involved

You may be interested in learning about theatre, auditioning for a play, participating in a training programme or workshop, teaching a course, working off stage on technical jobs, assisting in communication and management tasks …. There are all kinds of possibilities. You may even prefer to be a quiet friend in the background.