Bangalore Little Theatre

An adaptation of Jeppe on the Hill by Ludvig Holberg

A Bellyful of Paradise

Directed by Shatarupa Bhattacharyya and Vijay Padaki

A Bellyful of Paradise – The original play is called Jeppe on the Hill.  It is by the foremost dramatist of Denmark, Ludvig Holberg, a contemporary of Moliere in France, and a prolific writer in his time in several genres. The story in Bellyful has a lovable rascal called Jeppe with a weakness for the bottle. His wife Nille is after him all the time. She does this most effectively with a whip that she uses unhesitatingly. It is not clear if the whip leads Jeppe to the bottle, or it’s the bottle that leads to the whipping. One day when he has passed out from one too many, a nobleman passing by decides to play a prank on him. Jeppe is taken to the manor on a hill, dressed in fine clothes and put on a luxurious bed. When Jeppe wakes up he is made to believe that he is the Lord of the Manor. What happens thereafter is best seen on the stage as a truly comic tale from a master storyteller. The social commentary in the play is not to be missed. 

30th November onwards


Jagriti Theatre: Whitefield


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