Bangalore Little Theatre

Audition Call

Monsters in the Dark

...adapted for the stage from The Emperor of all Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

The Cast • One Male 28-30 years • One Female 20-22 years •  5 member ensemble – M/F aged 25+ [Double Casting]

The opening show will be on 5th December, followed by more shows in December – January.

Saturday 6th October


Alliance Française
Vasanth Nagar


Please signup before coming for auditions

Play Reading

The Price

A play by Arthur Miller

Overview: After the Great Depression, Victor Franz gave up going to college to support his father. After 30 years, Victor returns to sell his parents’ estate. His wife, Esther, his brother, Walter, and a canny furniture dealer have their own agendas. Victor must finally deal with his sacrifice.

5pm, 7th October


Alliance Française, Vasanth Nagar


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A little bit about us

At 58, Bangalore Little Theatre or BLT is Bangalore’s oldest English language theatre group. Old-timers of BLT have often been asked the secret of the group’s long life when, in contrast, one sees hundreds of cases of groups starting with a bang and dropping by the wayside in a couple of years. The difference, it seems, is in the simple fact that BLT is a membership organisation and, therefore, a genuine group.

Get Involved

You may be interested in learning about theatre, auditioning for a play, participating in a training programme or workshop, teaching a course, working off stage on technical jobs, assisting in communication and management tasks …. There are all kinds of possibilities. You may even prefer to be a quiet friend in the background.