We welcome involvement of different kinds…from all kinds of people. You may be actively involved in a project or be a well-wisher, providing valuable moral support from behind the scenes


Since its founding in 1960, BLT has staged 200 plays …
  • The Prodigious Snob
  • Arms and the Man
  • Teahouse of the August Moon Macbeth

Partnerships and Collaborations

BLT’s Community Theatre orientation goes naturally with its reputation of working in partnerships and through collaborative arrangements. We have often been a catalyst-facilitator, getting several players to pull together in a common endeavour—a theatre festival here, an educational project there… In defining the scope of the Mission for itself the Academy arm of BLT Foundation quickly recognized the importance of collaborative effort in all its plans. We believe that the future of theatre development will depend heavily on collaboration across many interested people, and not on isolated pursuits. What is the development task in any social setting? It can be put this way: Persevering towards the desired state in conditions of limited resources, inadequate external appreciation, uncertain internal continuity, and difficult economic viability. Under these circumstances, the best way forward appears to be through a collaborative effort, strengthening the institution of Theatre beyond a single organizational project. Indeed, collaboration is likely to be a core value to guide the mission of the Foundation.  Yet, we must accept that collaboration does not spring naturally from intent. There is much to learn about making collaborations work. Our experience so far has shown that there is a “learning curve” in improving the collaborative process when two or more organizations decide to work on something together. The experience also shows that with a little investment in systems and processes, the learning curve can be made to work to the advantage of all. BLT has built strong partnerships in both the Children’s Theatre and the Public Appreciation programmes. The collaborative arrangements are with institutions both within India and abroad. We make a distinction between institutional partners and collaborative arrangements. What is common to them is the goal of achieving synergies from the process of working together. Networking is a more specialized form of collaborative process. The Foundation has initiated the groundwork for two areas of networking:  
  • A league of non-profit theatre companies is visualized. To start with the emphasis will be on sharing resources, communication and publicity. In due course, the league may take on advocacy and policy functions as well.
  • Organization and Management Development is a serious need in most non-profit groups in the theatre and performing arts. After a successful pilot programme exploring issues and needs in organization and management in performing arts groups, we have had the Ministry of Culture seeking our assistance in initiating programmes of Arts Management in the country.

Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT) and the Acadamy of Theatre Arts(ATA) are Programme divisions of Bangalore Little Theatre Foundation*.

Bangalore Little Theatre Foundation is registered as a charitable trust with non profit status and 80-G exemption from the income tax Department. You are welcome to get in touch with us to find out more about contributing meaningfully to the course